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michelle obama was in baltimore today at morgan state university. >> tv cameras were not allowed inside but those who did pay to get in coldest the first lady got a rock star reception. we have the details. >> it was beyond anything i have ever heard. i never heard anyone walk on stage and get such an eruption of powerful love. >> some of the 2000 supporters who packed the fine arts center describes a wild and long explosion of tears as the first lady took the stage. >> it did really erupts. she hardly could get by the talking. people would not even let her talk. >> print journalists were allowed inside. porter's shared some of their pictures with us as they explained the theme of the first lady's speech. most say she focused a lot on education and health care. >> she spoke about financed --
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college students receiving financial care. i am graduating student. i go to school on federal aid. if it were not for the bills that president obama past, i would not be able to attend. >> prices ranged from $100 to $10,000. the $100 tickets were reserved for young professionals. those inside described a moped generational crowd. the mark as the choir performed in a senior at the university officially introduced -- the morgan state choir performed and a senior at the anniversary officially introduced the first lady. its funding is group citizens rally together to get the first lady to baltimore and morgan state university. >> a lot of planning, hope, enjoy about the upcoming election. to know that the first day of that entire united states is coming to baltimore in support of her husband and the democratic party, it is a great joy for us. >> mitt romney to dave released
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his latest tax returns for 2011 to prove -- today released its latest tax returns for 2011 to prepaid least 13%. it was 14% last year. details on that and how paul ryan was booed by members of the aarp today. >> mitt romney paid far less tax than he predicted he would pay one is taxes became an issue last winter. but less than he legally had to attend the 2011. he made 31 $7 million, mostly from investments. he donated $4 million to charity but only deducted two and a quarter million. so he paid 41% in federal income tax. mitt romney did not talk about .1% in federal41 income tax but obama raised the
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white flag of surrender today. he said you cannot change washington from the inside. you have to do it from the outside. we are going to give that chance. >> in virginia, president obama fired back. >> changed text more than one term or even one president. it certainly takes more than one party. it cannot happen if you write off half the nation before you take office. >> that was in reference to mitt romney talking about 47% of americans do not pay income -- income tax but feel entitled to benefits. the president made his view clear. >> medicare and social security are not handouts. you have paid into these programs your whole lives. >> the new nbc poll finds the president had a decrease in state. taken after the secret tape would viral. but before today's revelation --
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that mitt romneyaid more 2011 taxes than he had to. >> this november, a ballot in maryland will be crowded with a number of referendums, including one regarding same-sex marriage. reverend al sharpton joined black clergy members in washington today to dispel the myth that african-american ministers oppose same-sex marriage. they say it is a civil rights issue, at in the debate belongs that a church, not in government. opponents say reverend sharpton does not speak for the entire african-american community. >> i think many in the baptist faith and in the committee will say he is gone renegade with his belief on this issue. i do not think he killed a lot of clout. >> the pastor at internal polling indicates more voters oppose than support same-sex marriage. >> one man is dead tonight after am early morning standing around 2:00 a.m. in the 2700 block of west north avenue.
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police found a 34-year-old man on the ground and unresponsive. we are told the at tambrands to his upper body. he was taken to shop, but died later -- we are told he had stab wounds to his upper body. he was taken to shock trauma but died later. down anmen chasexd victim around 2:30 is today avenue. -- yesterday afternoon. police he taught -- police believe he tossed the weapon before running off. >> city police said the man on your screen is believed to of robbie 7-11 in the 5700 block of bel air road at gunpoint on tuesday. he was wearing a white tank top and blue jeans. also with glasses on. anyone who may be able to help locate this man is asked to call 1-866-7-lockup.
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>> we learned more about some serious crash today. the first was a long 1-97 sell in annapolis. that crash involved 2 cars and pickup truck. only one line was open, causing major traffic lanes -- delays. one victim was taken to hospital but died later. we were also over the scene of another accident in harford county around 5:30 today. northbound on i-95 just after v- 22, a vehicle rolled over multiple times, injecting -- ejecting the driver from the car. the driver was taken to hospital in grave condition. >> enough is enough. that is what state and local lawmakers are saying about a baltimore county business. >> they say it is a detriment to their community. george is live in towns and to explain why.
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>> on october 1, the county's liquor board will decide if something should be done about a bar that has been the scene of two murders since july. lawmakers blame the bar. >> it is a real problem. >> it has been the scene of two murders in two months. they are joining lawmakers in urging the liquor board to take action against the bar and lounge. >> we're not interested in shutting it down and putting the owner of the business but there should be cooling off period. >> that could mean a suspension or revocation of a liquor license. the latest incident was september 1 when police say a 25 year-old fatally stabbed one of the bouncers who is trying to break up a large bite. county officials say for the past several years, there have been a copious amount of unfortunate issues at tb's including after parties in the
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parking lot which they say attributes to to much noise and laughter. >> the eni to consider whether they need to -- too much noise and litter. >> they need to consider -- >> hiring more security. they said the government is overreacting. the owner does a lot for the community, including hosting barbeques in the parking lot. no comment tonight from either of the management or the attorney. >> in national report showed that 67% of baltimore county's african american males finished high school last year. it is a report on public agitation among school systems with more than 10,000 african- american male system -- students. baltimore county students ranked fourth in the nation with 67% of african males receiving the diplomas. tim has details. >> when you are filling out an
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application, make sure you fit the requirements. >> woodlawn high school, this all male african-american class of 2013. >> have been together since ninth grade and expect to graduate in june. a dense our import -- in a report just out, 67% of black males finish high school in baltimore county. they are fourth behind montgomery county and district in new jersey and north carolina. >> the superintendent says it could be better. >> i'm surprised. we see a lot of bright, young african-american males and it is a shocker when you see the graduation rate is low. >> the students are part of a targeted program which help them prepare for graduation. >> when i came to this program, it taught me a lot about college preparedness. a lot of the things they told me my parents could not have told
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me because they did not go to college. >> this program is connected to the academic and individual determination eric programs like that are a catalyst for improvement would not only african-american males with students in general. getting them thinking about college is where we need to start. >> it is more of us as brothers. we do things outside of class. >> the goal is to raise the graduation numbers even more across the county. >> the number is low nationwide. our expectation is a lot higher. we can do a lot more and do better. under the leadership of the superintendent, we are able to keep the initiative that we are here. >> coming up, a hostage siege which and in pittsburgh. >> how it ended at how police were able to keep track of the situation from outside. >> what possessed him man to jump into a tiger exhibit at a new york zoo?
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the latest on what happened to him. >> tickets for the postseason for the orioles go on sale tomorrow. how you can go about getting one next. >> showers whether the mountains headed this way. we head for the start of the weekend and the new fall season. 66 at the airport. still 73 downtown.
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>> a hostage situation in pittsburgh ended peacefully. authorities say the 22-year-old suspect klein michael thaxton said rendered after holding a hostage for more than five hours. according to police, he posted updates on facebook from the office building during the standoff. the hostage who owned the company where he was held was not hurt. it is not clear what the suspect held him. a 25-year-old man is in critical condition after climbing into a
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tighter exhibit at the bronx zoo. the man was writing the wild asia monorail when he jumped out of the car, hopped a fence and into the tiger den. workers manage to pull out but not before the man was malls. -- was mauled. he had one of its feet nearly ripped off before the workers could pull the tigers off of him. >> after 25 missions, the space shuttle endeavor strapped to a nasa 747 made its final voyage today. it landed this afternoon at lax after dipping down to salute more than 20 landmarks along the way. >> this artifact will transcend generations. long after we are gone, people will be assembling at the museum looking at this and they will share the same feeling of pride that we do. >> after a few weeks of
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preparations, the endeavor is scheduled to move to would permit a tanker at the california science center abuzz with iphone 5 beeper. dozens of exciting customers waited to be the first to get their hands of the latest version. this was the scene along fleet street at harbour east. it was a bigger line down the street at the at&t store in harbour east. the couple took in more than 2 million pre-orders in the first 24 hours. analysts expect 10 million phones to be sold by monday. online orders will not ship for another 3-4 weeks. >> we will find out tomorrow if orioles preseason tickets are hot as the iphone. sarah has all the details. >> we come all the time. >> they are not alone. on average, camden yards has
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seen about 4000 more fans for game this year than it did last year. the orioles are on track to draw more than 2 million fans at home for the first time since 2007. they joined a handful fans buy tickets this morning for some gains. >> we thought that they would be sold out, and lead in the areas we were interested in. we felt lucky to. >> tomorrow morning, instead of being at the ticket office, the plan to be in front of the computer, hoping to score tickets for the postseason. playoff tickets must be purchased online at the orioles website income by eight at once. >> people say we want to come to the first playoff game at camden yards. that is the case, unfortunately you will need to buy 2 tickets for the wild card in the division series. game one. we do not know at this point if we would get the wild card or the division title. >> hopefully one of them. tickets will -- for the locker
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game in the first game of the division are expected to go fast. ticketholders and those selected for the presale have the first chance at it. the orioles will issue refunds for games that are not played. they could show faith that the orioles matted will continue into next season. >> the other option would be to roll the money over into eight season tickets for 2013. >> i is one the fans to fill the ballpark. -- i just want the fanns to fill the ballpark. >> good. . >> october baseball. >> i know. what a concept. [laughter] folks are wondering how chilly it will be in october. let's check out what happened today on this last full day of summer. slightly warmer than normal afternoon. a slightly cooler than normal morning. the average comes down to hour
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allotted day this month -- to our 11th day this month been cooler than normal. just barely today. 76 is typical for the high. we hit 77 degrees. the record high was 96. or 37, the record low set in 1962. relatively mild all around the region right now. not as chilly tomorrow morning. temperatures are still in the low 60's up your the pennsylvania line. eastern shore, 71 at the naval academy. imelda morning. -- a milder morning. there is cooler coming our way. current temperatures in the northern lakes up to the canadian border. 30's already there. 60's in the mid atlantic. that front will be crossing the mountains tomorrow afternoon. now picking up quite a bit of
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showers. checking north of state college upton york. we will have to get past that but whether tomorrow afternoon. it might interrupt your weekend prance -- plans. that is where the air will be coming from for the second half of the weekend. we will start tomorrow morning with some sun and clouds mix. the deeper into the afternoon we go, we will pick up some clouds. approaching baltimore from the west side. gets stronger as across the easting tour -- eastern shore. just after midnight, the skies will clear. it will deliver a beautiful finish to a weekend. the first full day of fall on sunday. the official beginning is at 10:49 tomorrow morning. before the fund gets here, highs
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in the low 80's. winds out of the southwest. a slight chance for a few showers lender in into sunday. cool air off the great lakes might keep a rain shower into the weekend. eastern shore like summer tomorrow. 82. but on sunday, 71. -- like fall on sunday, 71. the storms will not arrive until sunset or beyond. probably the best part for the weekend because the day is decent tomorrow. should clara but at the time for sunday. 7 day forecast of baltimore. ravens football sunday evening. sunny during the day. 73 cooling and the low 60's at kickoff. upper to be's by the end of the game. monday is beautiful, too
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>> thank you. after jay leno, stick around for a late night with jimmy fallon. >> hey everyone in baltimore. music from bobby womack. tonight on late night. >> lots of energy. bad blood boils,. tonight jack, $12 million.
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we can make you a millionaire. 13, 3, 14, 46. mega ball. 34. 13, 55, 3, 14, 46. goodlatte. goodlatte.
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and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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orioles played a major role last season. a chance for boston this season to return the favor at the final 13 games come against the red sox. a great baltimore presence at fenway. top 4. what a night he had. slapping that double down the line. -- hardy into the top. 3 rbi's. 14 for the month.
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3-2. john loesser. jim johnson on to close. did the job done. he is now the orioles' all-time leader for the season. >> in the tummy tuck the ball baltimore oriole history, you have my attention at hello. i am so proud of them-- any time you have the baltimore orioles history, you have my attention at hello. i am so proud of him. that is some kind of record. >> 1-0, ny. boss amn. extra innings. -- boss man. extra innings. how boring. and it came in just 10 innings. -- ending a game in just 10 innings. still fillon the yankees by 1
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with 12 games left. -- still trailing the yankees by 1 with 12 games left. the report for the ravens bought a good news friday. leaving them in the best shape yet heading into a game this season. template is questionable. the tight end eric hernandez out of the game. rice -- ray rice has had not had enough touches. he is shown tremendous production thus far with 6 and a half yards for carry. 26 runs in 2 >> touches to not really matter to me. it is all about winning games. i know how affected i can be. last week was just -- i can get
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out in an open space in get a guy to miss. all it takes is one big play on the past into changing. >> that brings us to our ravens question for the day. what do you think is the most important game for the ravens this season? grab your cell phone and the detective 88509. text a if sunday's game is the most important. text b if you think any game against pittsburgh is important. or c if you do not think we will know until december. standard text messaging rates apply. high school football tonight. howard county. apleton put on a good show. the coach was named the baltimore ravens coach of the week. dixon, 5 yard touchdown. 13-0, lightning. capping off a 75 yard drive.
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13-6. is it murray. he runs into the short touchdown. 2 point inversion. no good. but the game away. diverting on a 4th and 2. that did it. 13-12, final.
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>> fall is here. >> officially tomorrow. >> it is that season. i like fall. the greatest season around here. >> football. of course it is a great season. >> scattered storms samarra. skies will clara tomorrow night. sunday looks beautiful. 70 degrees for the high temperatures. last time a plane to england, the kickoff temperature was 20 was. a subtle improvements there. monday looks beautiful. lots of sunshine. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "new girl," emmy-nominated zooey deschanel. from the new nbc series "guys with kid"

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